Platinum Audio Solo Speaker

I was wondering if anyone had ever upgraded from Phil Jone's Platinum Solos and if so, what speaker did they replaced it with? Why did you like it over the Platinum Solos? They are a tremendously detailed speaker and one of te best monitors I have ever listened to. My recent preamp upgrade from a Conrad Johnson PV10 to an Audio Research LS 17 has really got them singin' !!! Any upgrade suggestions for speaker cable from the Nordost Gold Flatline I am currently using? Thank you for your responses in advance.
I've had various speakers since my Solos. I first used AAD2001 speakers which have a much more detailed soundstage and deeper bass than the solos. It's a slightly different sound, though, and switching back and forth it was easy to like either speaker. The AAD2001s are Phil Jones' next Solo-like speaker with his AAD company that's no Phil Jones Pure Sound, I believe.

I borrowed some Proac D1s and they are a marked improvement over the Solos and actually ended up with a pair of Proac D18s. I've had the Platinum Audio Reference IIs and the Proacs are very similar in dynamics with a slightly more open soundstage and more detail in the mid-range. It's a tough call between the two, but I ended up keeping the Proacs.

I still have my Solos, they were my first pair of good speakers and I'll always have them for comparison and the occasional nostalgic listen. It's good to know where you started.