platform under NAS Spacedeck

Hi All

Did any NAS TT owners tried working with a different platform than the supplied one from NAS ? Can you share your thoughts ?
I'm thinking of investing in a SRA VR platform.

Thanks in advacne to all repliers
When I had my Spacedeck, I removed the stock platform and replaced it with a Neuance shelf. The sound was much more open with better timing. I never put the NAS platform back in.

Yes, I used a 4 inch thick Mapleshade base. Huge improvement over the stock MDF (I think) base.
I have tried the mapleshade, nice upgrade, reasonable price. My favorite is a Silent Running Audio base custom made for the Spacedeck/Acespace. A bit more money but well worth it to me.
I bought mine used and the original owner said he pitched the platform because the sound was much better without it. I read somewhere that Tom Fletcher only came up with the base because a lot of customers didn't like the idea of a table without one....found out if I wanted to order one, $400!!! Wow! And to think the original owner of mine pitched it??? I have mine on 3/4" MDF at this point and it is sounding quite good, so not sure much more is necessary aside from a really good wall-mount....that would be the way I would go.