Platform recommendations for my CDP...

I have a Wadia 302 sitting on a sheet of mdf which sits directly on top of a sonus faber extrema stand. I used to have a Neuance platform in this configuration and it worked very well, but is no longer available. Are there any reasonably priced platforms which work well sitting directly (no spikes) on top of the speaker stand. TIA.
i would look into a bright star audio big rock. go to there web site and call them and tell them what you are doing and what you want they are very helpful
What is reasonably priced to you? HRS has recently come out with lower end platforms if they're in your pricerange. Based upon the performance of the M3, they should be something.
Well I would like to keep the cost around a few hundred.
For something effective and really inexpensive try the Sound Quest Isol Pads (search the classifieds) or go here:

The Ginko platforms are also great:

If you have your CDP on a reasonable rack and platform, my suggestion is adding EquaRack footers. Platforms alone are not adequate in my opinion. I have EquaRack footers under all my equipment. This is the best product I have tried and I have used many different types of isolation devices. These footers not only isolate your CDP but also significantly diminish the vibration in the player (sink vibration from the player into the footers). The whole idea is to decrease vibration in the player for best sound reproduction and this footer does that. Few ‘isolation’ devices do both well. Web site provides an excellent explanation of how the footers work. This is probably one if not the most sensitive pieces of equipment to vibration in your system if you are a digital guy. So this is probably where you will get the most bang for your buck in choosing the most effective means of controlling vibration. Lots of products out there so good luck in your quest in selecting the best product for vibration control for your CDP.