Platform for VPI super scoutmaster

will appreciate your experience with isolation platforms for VPI SSM. Currently I consider either Symposium ultra or Gingko 12s but i'm open to other suggestions.
Thanks in advance.
Hello please look at my thread on washing machine vibration and solution platform...made for this purpose.It should work very well with any table that is non sprung.
There is nothing worse for the VPI SSM than the Gingko platform. The guys at Gingko are great guys, but their platform just is very wrong with your table. The
SSM needs a very solid platform to the center of the earth...NO WIGGLE ROOM> In other words even the VPI minifeet are a detriment to the sound. Get in touch with and get their Bearpaws orTerrastones. If you have the rim drive its doubly important to use these under the table and the original soft footers under the motor assembly to prevent the arm from rocking. Also get the Classic platter if you haven't ....a HUGE step up.
I just recently purchased a SRA platform for my Super Scoutmaster. Big improvement over the butcher block I had been using.

I also have the Edensound Terrastone footers installed on my SSM. Much better than the VPI feet.

Your virtual system photos suggest you do use the minifeet of your ssm atop some kind of platform or directly on a rack ?

Are your virtual system pics not updated because I see regulay VPI feet on top of a GIngko ? How was your experience with that ?
A used electron microscope table would be the a good choice, but most cost about $20K. Oh, what is a guy to do?
The steadywash platform works to prevent the vibrations from the washing machine from transferring into the floor. That's the opposite of what you want to accomplish with an audio platform; i.e., you want to prevent any floor-borne vibrations from entering the system. How do you know the platform would actually work in the opposite direction?
I liked using threaded brass feet in place of the stock ones. Also VPI's stand is good, although costly. I used a 4" maple cutting board on top of mine.
Icorem...Just looked...sure does ...but that's an old picture. I use Bearpaws under the turntable now with a great improvement. I have the rim drive Superscoutmaster which rocked the arm back and forth until I discovered that the Superplatter could not be made perfectly round. Harry tried various things to prevent the rotating rim drive from pushing the table back and forth because of the non-round Superplatter, but could not find the key. I on the other hand found out that if I solidly support the turntable and allow the motor assembly to slightly sway back and forth, the arm stopped dancing and the sound greatly improved. The addition of the Classic platter was again a very large improvement.

Send me an email at and I will send you some pics of my current setup with the SRA platform and the Terrastone footers.

For those interested in rim drive motor systems the Teres Verus motor system is less likely to cause set up problems like Stringren encountered because the motor is supported by two feet and it slightly leans against the platter and it can adjust to slight irregularities with the aid of gravity. My Verus motor system was easy to install and has performed extremely well for many years.
I use a sand filled VPI stand with the older over sized VPI top plate which was made from 3 inch Baltic birch and then wrapped in a solid walnut trim. A very heavy and solid TT platform.
High end electron microscope stands aren't as expensive as you would think. For example, two electron microscope stands marketed to the audiophile market, Vibraplane and Minus K, are both around $2.5K. There are, what, about 15 pretty decent audiophile grade isolation stands available these days not counting the plethora of DIY stands, including bungee cords, inner tubes, tennis balls, bubble wrap, etc., etc.

Has anyone tried to knock off the Minus K negative stiffness design? LOL
Kbell...yes...but I don't have the problem anymore because the motor assembly soft footers can account for any deviation in the roundness of the platter which is firmly supported by bear paws.
Thanks to replies so far, it was very helpful.
Any experience with an Adona shelf for a TT ? (Just the shelf not entire rack).