Plasma Screens vs. Sony Grand Wega tri-LCD?

Can anyone comment on Plasma Screens vs. the Sony Grand Wega? I've noticed that the 42" HDTV upgradeable plasmas have come down a lot in price and was comparing it to the Sony Grand Wega (which I believe consists of 3 LCD screens). I thought the Grand Wega was a clearer picture, but was told that the plasmas are brighter. I'm also a bit concerned about the longevity of the plasmas - I was told their average life is approximately 1500 hours. Thanks in advance
Not sure if you have considered the Loewe Aconda, but if I had to get a non projection unit that would be it. In your price range it seems a no brainer to me, if you can look into them I am sure you will be pleased.
I don't know for a fact, I'm just relaying the info it was given to me. Plasma's will last for long as you are gentle with them and don't move them around.
Have you ever seen a Ronco plasma? Nothing compares. The picture will take you to another dimension. I have not seen the Sony you speak of, but will check one out soon.
just a little info from my local Tweeter dealer. He told me the 3 bulbs in the Grand wega have a lifetime of 1800 hours and a replacement cost of $500 apiece. To me, the blacks were really washed out. It reminded me of first generation plasmas. I think once you get over the size, that the rest of the package will leave you dissapointed. Not to promising. Also Plasma screens do not have an unlimited lifetime. Most are rated for 50% luminance output between 20k-30k hours. The Ronco is a great screen, but there are several new 3rd generation models with outstanding pictures and great prices. Fujitsu has a new 50" that just blew me away. You should see quite a few 50" models coming in near the price of the Grand Smegma now and in the near future.
I agree the Sony Grand Wega looks bad. I am not sure of the reliability of LCD projector bulbs, but $1 / hr to watch TV (for just the cost of the bulbs) seems rediculous. Usually The other thing is to watch the Tweeter sales people. They are usually setting you up for a extended warranty contract. A friend of mine got sold a bill of goods with his RPTV -- contract for 5 years for $329 for a yearly maintenance and service check. They came out and reset his user level convergence, and cleaned the projection screen. Yep, the TV still works... No ISF cal check, no mirror cleaning. Come to find out the services to do the cal & cleaning correctly cost $350 - $600 per visit.
The only reason I could see buying a LCD projector at this time is if for some reason you needed big screen computer graphics or played video games 100% of the time.
I must correct my spelling, its "Runco"
I just bought a Runco 42" plasma, and it is incredible. After experimenting for a month with a Panasonic DLP, the Runco is just head and shoulders better in every way. Black level is deeper than any other plasma I've seen, and the color is to die for. The outboard video processor also makes the aspect ratio just right on 4:3 images streched to widescreen format,which I thought would always be a problem with 16:9 screens.