Plasma Media Box Cable

Where is a good place to order a 20-40 foot run of the video cable that connects my Plasma panel (pioneer pdp-5045) to the media box.? Any contacts would be great. Thank's.
That's a pretty long run. I would stick with Pioneer. Get the model number and ask them who sells it.

New AQ cables specific for Pioneer plasma to media.
Audioquest Control P with DV-3 cables.
Got a 25 footer from A/V electronics. It was the DVI and the proprietary cord used to talk between the media box and plasma monitor. (i.e. color settings, set-up menu etc....) Apparently you don't want to go longer than 25 feet. But all I needed was about 25 feet. Now I can put my electronics elsewhere far from the Plasma monitor. (at least 25 feet away) all with the cords in the wall/cieling.