Plasma issues, is it worth it?

I recently purchased an Pioneer Elite 940HD 42" Plasma and it is my first plasma. I have to start by stating that I love the picture. But, I have the following issues; 1) I use a Niles IR Repeater, the plasma emits IR and screws with it. 2)Noise, this plasma on Standard Power setting hums/buzzes to a point of annoyance. 3)Glare, I have no choice but to place the TV across from a patio door. 4)HDMI conflict with DirecTV box. I realize that 4) can occur with any TV but my question is. Is the great picture worth the trade offs? Anyone having the same issues, have you decided to go LCD? Or am I being to picky?
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I own both a plasma and an LCD in 42" designs. Both are of similar extremely high quality but I would not call either of them the absolute best available on the market (call it second model from the top range).

I would have bought plasma but they didn't have the 1080p native pixel resolution in the 42" size (yet - I know Panasonic will have one out soon).

I prefer the LCD for native pixel resolution that suites 1080p (suitable to display HD DVD's in a native resolution)

I prefer the plasma for its better blacks and graded contrasts (night scenes are much more realistic).
dont take offense to this, but these are some of the issues w/ plasma tv's, prior research would have been the best bet...
I just got the Elite 60" Plasam and find the noise you refere to pretty annoying. So, I will watch this thread to see if any one has input. I do have a Panamas 5510 Pro and I still get this noise.

I have a Direct TV HD DVR and have no conflicts with the HDMI, it all works very well togeather...

Where you put the TV is your choice - hang a drape for the patio door....see my system: I too have it place right across from a slider,

Good Luck, John
1) You can get plasma friendly IR receivers that prevent this problem, FWIW I understand LCD's can have similar issues with IR
2) My Pannie Plasma hardly makes a peep, you might have something awry in there
3) You're screwed by your positioning.... can't remember if the Pioneers have a gloss display or not but either way you might have this problem with any TV
4) Yep, HDCP is a PITA

Hope this helps some
The noise could be a technical problem due to a vey inexpensive and replacable part. My plasma, a panasonic, doesnt make any noise at all. You need to cover that patio door with something. Glare sucks.
Have you tried putting a power conditioner from Monster or APC on the unit? Might clean up some of the power issues you are having and will certainly improve the picture.
My Fujitsu does not humm or buzz, nor does it affect my IR remote. Glare is an issue w/any TV. IMO, if you like sports, or content with lots of dark scenes, then plasma is the way to go.
Thanks for the input. I am using a PS Audio Ultimate outlet for the time being. It sounds like the Plasma issues are common or at least in part. I have a 30 day return policy but really have to look at the LCD again.
My Panasonic is dead silent. Next to a window, no glare problems (no more or less than any others). No IR problems.

My dealer told me upfront : "just forget about the HDMI."

I had a friend that recently had glare and REALLY poor off axis veiwing with his new LCDs,- returned two, then went plasma.
I bought a panasonic 42" a few yrs back and figured the trade-offs are well worth the amazing picture put out by the unit. Probably as good as I one can get since adding a Bluray disc player!

Umm, my plasma makes a slight buzzing sound just like all other pioneer and panasonic plasmas that I have experience with and believe it's just part of the way that they work. This noise gets louder as more of the color white is shown. Newer models with upgraded technology may be quiter!
I have an Elite FHD-1.It has a fan,that I was initially
concerned about,but it never has come on...even after hours
of continuous play.This plasma is dead quiet with no hdmi
compatability issues so far and no glare issues(positioning)
that you mention.FWIW
For another datapoint... I've got a Pio Elite 61" plasma and I get no buzzing... The HDMI also works fine with my Comcast CATV box--Comcast in my area uses Scientific Atlanta STBs (I want to say its an 8300HD).

Can you put in drapes you could pull across the door? Unless you limit light infiltration, you will have a problem whether its CRT, plasma, LCD or anything else...