Plasma Aftermarket Power Cord

I am about to be delivered a Panasonic 42" EDTV Plasma display (pwd7uy)(yes they are coming down in price by the way)and was wondering if anybody had any thoughts as to if a better power cord would help improve the image of these displays?
I am a total believer in what aftermarket cords(own 4 VHAudio Flavor 4 gold Wattgates) have done and can do to my 2 channel audio realm but i don't have a clue when it comes to a display such as this.Any help would be greatly appreciated as usual : )
Maybe they can even be detrimental?
I plead ignorance but mercy once again!
look at a PS audio Ultimate outlet to get some filtering for you display that power cords can't do
I bet you'll be able to see more of a difference 2 and 1/2 years from now, when the analog circuits are shut down and you're looking at pure snow on the screen.

Seriously, people...either start getting digital televisions (ideally HDTV), or expect to see a severly compromised picture when the deadline comes (looking like 12/31/08).
Seek,big mistake not paying extra for the HDTV.Do you know that what you bought is a lower resolution tv.To spend all that money on a tv that is not a hdtv is a waste of money.You say you dont see a difference but when you put a hd program you have to see the difference.
Just try the different cords you have. They will make a difference. Seeing is believing, which is something many of us have had to argue about regarding cables and power conditioning with our hi-fi systems.

The EDTV you have has better blacks than the HDTV Panasonic, but less resolution. It will be great for DVD and not quite as good on true HD material. With good line conditioning, cables and set-up you can get a great picture out of that set. The prices will always be coming down. You can't wait forever. You made a good choice. Enjoy :)

Nothing is preventing the Panasonic EDTV plasma display from displaying Digital TV or even high-def. broadcast. It is a digital TV, it just isn't full HDTV resolution. I own one! It is spectacular for the price. Actually, mine has an ATSC, NTSC, QAM and cablecard tuner built-in. It also has Component video and DVI inputs. It is an EDTV Panasonic plasma. Seems to be future-proof to me.

BTW, does your digital TV have all of these features?