Plasma Aftermarket Power Cord

I am about to be delivered a Panasonic 42" EDTV Plasma display (pwd7uy)(yes they are coming down in price by the way)and was wondering if anybody had any thoughts as to if a better power cord would help improve the image of these displays?
I am a total believer in what aftermarket cords(own 4 VHAudio Flavor 4 gold Wattgates) have done and can do to my 2 channel audio realm but i don't have a clue when it comes to a display such as this.Any help would be greatly appreciated as usual : )
Maybe they can even be detrimental?
I plead ignorance but mercy once again!
Probably too late , but I would have spent the money on the HD version plasma instead of a PC for an ED.
I already have the power cord to use but don't know if it would be of any benefit or actually may cause problems with these units?The HD model was over a thousand dollars more and for my viewing distance of 10 feet i could not see that much of a difference when they were side by side in the store.The HD was better but for my budget i couldn't see going that route and the Panasonic EDTV looks fantastic.
If a better power cord will improve image quality even further without causing any problems i would certainly use it but wanted to ask the forum for advice.I have a VHAudio Flavor 1,2 and 4(non-gold) i could put on there as well as a Signal Magic power cord.The Flavor 4 is the best of the bunch for audio in my system.
Just plug it in and look at the display. If you truly believe it might make a difference, what's stoppping you?

look at a PS audio Ultimate outlet to get some filtering for you display that power cords can't do
I bet you'll be able to see more of a difference 2 and 1/2 years from now, when the analog circuits are shut down and you're looking at pure snow on the screen.

Seriously, people...either start getting digital televisions (ideally HDTV), or expect to see a severly compromised picture when the deadline comes (looking like 12/31/08).
Seek,big mistake not paying extra for the HDTV.Do you know that what you bought is a lower resolution tv.To spend all that money on a tv that is not a hdtv is a waste of money.You say you dont see a difference but when you put a hd program you have to see the difference.
Just try the different cords you have. They will make a difference. Seeing is believing, which is something many of us have had to argue about regarding cables and power conditioning with our hi-fi systems.

The EDTV you have has better blacks than the HDTV Panasonic, but less resolution. It will be great for DVD and not quite as good on true HD material. With good line conditioning, cables and set-up you can get a great picture out of that set. The prices will always be coming down. You can't wait forever. You made a good choice. Enjoy :)

Nothing is preventing the Panasonic EDTV plasma display from displaying Digital TV or even high-def. broadcast. It is a digital TV, it just isn't full HDTV resolution. I own one! It is spectacular for the price. Actually, mine has an ATSC, NTSC, QAM and cablecard tuner built-in. It also has Component video and DVI inputs. It is an EDTV Panasonic plasma. Seems to be future-proof to me.

BTW, does your digital TV have all of these features?


"BTW, does your digital TV have all of these features?"

No because I decided NOT to get them for various reasons. Of course, I also have HDMI as well as component and DVI inputs.

Thanks folks-
yeah i was sitting at the local BB and watching the INHD channel that was showing shots of the carribean with the EDTV and the HDTV side by side and i was amazed regardless of which set i was looking at.The EDTV looked outstanding!!!Yes the HDTV looked a tad better but really i couldn't justify that much more money for that little of gain at this time and it is heads and shoulders above my prior 31" JVC CRT TV.
Thanks Stuespeed and Reubent as i think i did make a good choice after doing some extensive research on these plasmas the past few weeks.
I am purchasing the commercial model so it doesn't have all of those added features but it was also $600 less then the consumer model so i went with it.Getting the whole thing shipped with speakers and stand from for $2269.Heck after seeing some of the threads about these tv's just one year ago these were up near 3k.So yes the prices are dropping and i think i got a good deal from a reliable vendor.

Guess i will just try some different cords then since it doesn't seem to be an issue that can damage anything.

Thanks again for all the input
I saw signalcable has a new video power cable for less than 50 bucks. Might be worth a try.
I have used the Audioquest powercords feeding my powerstrip servicing my hdtv. I have tried Kimber and Dynamic Design as well. I have found that powercords that bring out the best detail and dynamics actually make the digital noise more revealing. On the otherhand my experience is that a smoother sounding cord ( like the Audioquest) actually make the colors richer with a 3D film like quality.
Personally, I don't think an aftermarket chord will do much. The limiting factor will be your signal. Cable/Sat can be a bit funny.

I also have an EDTV (2-1/2 years old) Panasonic, and I love it. Nobody can tell the difference between the EDTV and true HDTV from the couch. Besides with the dearth of programming, you've saved a few thousand dollars.
I say to each his own on the edtv vs. hdtv, i have hdtv myself, and i think there is a big difference in resolution when viewing hd material. but for less money, you can still get the coolness of the hang on the wall tv, but just less resolution, on hd anyway, actually i've been told that with normal digital cable or dvd material, that sometimes edtv even looks better, so it really kinda depends on what type of viewing you do also.
I think you will find that putting some power conditioning between the wall and the plugs will make a bigger different then a cable. This is home theater not as reference hifi and the solutions are a bit different especially since Plasmas - but all TVs for that matter - thrive on clean AC.

Ideally you would have the Plasma on a separate circuit.

If the budget permits you can look at the BPT line, I am sure they could build you something good that will isolate your digital sources from the analog and the tv,

But closer at hand - especially after just popping for a new TV, Monster makes an inexpensive strip called the Powerbar which I can tell you from first hand experience will make an enormous difference. While I am a Venhaus fan too, at the end of the day the problem is bigger than one power cord can solve. Of course the combo is probably better yet.
do you mind sharing experience with power cord swapping on your plasma set?
Hi Seek,

I found that picture improvements could be had w/ a bybee purifier installed on your power conditioner--much more effective than cable swapping for this application. Also, the use of Quicksiver silver contact enhancer further brought the picture into focus--works well for audio too--better than Walker SST in my application.


Get the TELLINE Eclipse PC, great value and no snke oil!
Sorry for being remiss in checking back on this thread that i started.Well i never did swap out the power cord as i was affraid that a larger cord may actually slipout of the back of the unit since it plugs directly upward into the unit.The Panasonic has a locking sleeve for their stock cord so this does not happen but will not fit over my replacement cords that i would have tried.However i am running into the back of my Dezorel G2 line conditioner and things look great and it has not seemed to effect my audio performance(which also is all plugged into that unit) one bit.My soundstage is large and image quality is really great.Just didn't know how much better it could get and was wondering.Decided to look back at my past posts and saw that i didn't respond to some posts so sorry about that!

Try Nordost powercords. I just posted this on another CES Nordost showed the visual improvements on a Pioneer Elite plamsa display when swapping out the stock cord with their Vishnu. It sure did make things better, but thats a $700 powercord. I'm not sure how much your tv cost so it may be a hard upgrade to recommend.