planter bass traps by Real Traps

These look interesting. My wife may go along with them. Anyone have any experience with them? Do they work? I would love some input, thanks.
Yes, they work very well and my wife likes the way they look. Easy to install also. Really improved the sound and the price is good. No connection with the company except that I am now using 9 of their panels. Two bass traps and 5 on back wall and 2 on sides.I have a room 32'x12' x7' and had a lot of trouble with reflections, most rooms wouldn't need anything like this number. My wife actually complained when I took the 2 side ones down temporarily.
My bad, mine are the READY traps, not the Real traps. From Ready Acoustics. Check these out too, I imagine either would do a good job.

Real's been doing this sort of thing for some time so I'd suppose they do work. I suppose all of these traps work to some degree.

There are alternatives too, as the initial poster said. The true issue here as I see it is accurately and in suificient numbers, placing them all... and theeir esthetics of course.
Supposedly the real thing works almost as well.