Planet vs. Jolida 603

Help tube people! I'm looking at either a Planet (used) or Jolida 603 to hang on my Jolida 302A and out on Paradigm Phantoms w/TNT DIY speaker cables. I understand the 603 uses a Sony drive, which may or may not be a good thing. What I want from either player is a warm, full sound--read not bright with good bass. The used Planet price range is similar to the 603 new. Am I comparing apples to apples or apples to oranges here? My music taste is 50/50 blues-rock. And I prefer volume set to roof raising when ever possible! (when home alone) Thanks for your input in advance, Sober1
p.s.-- I won't be able to audition either player before buying, therefore the above post thanks again Sober1
Sober, (i wish i am)i would recommend belt driven, top loading "CEC" 20-Bit Cd player. Originaly $1,795, you can get one on the Audio Advisor for $795!! Go "steal" one before they are gone! The model is CEC TL-5100Z
Audio Advisor is known for lowering prices,if asked and done right.My point is you may even get the C.E.C. for less than $795.00 Talk to Joe Darmegrade(sic?) offer him $600.00 and see what happens.
Plus 30 day money back, no questions asked,return policy.Nothing to lose auditioning the thing.
thanks for your input-purchased 603A last night. If I don't get the sound I'm after, I'll have the C.E.C. on my short list. thanks again