Planet 2000 Interconnect, please help

I recently got a Rega Planet 2000. It does sound a little dark. I was using DH Labs BL-1. So, I looked for an IC that would bring out the detail and add a little sparkle. I ended up with HT Pro Silway II. I was surprised when they worsened the sound. They did add a BIT more high end, but the fullness and body of the music was gone. When I reinserted the BL-1, the sound was improved. I want to know what IC I should use that will have BOTH fullness and high detail. My budget is up to $500 retail.
(The BL-1 sounded so much better when I put it back in, I almost wondered if I should just stick with them)
Thanks much!
Ptm, I had the same problem but settled on the Kimber Silver Streaks. Give them a try. They worked for me, and they are not expensive.
Coincident IC will do the job for you.
I have used JPS Labs cables with my old Planet player with great success. Ty hem out particularly the Superconductor FX also the Cardas Netral Reference might be your cup of tea I currently use it with Golden Cross in my system. Also see if you can swing the Golden Ref which is remarkable in my opinion. Best of luck and have some fun!
I compared my Rega Planet 2000 with a Meridian 508/24 player and the Rega had MUCH less definition, dynamics and detail, enough so that I am thinking of selling it to move up. I know they are not in the same price league but when you think of spending $500 on IC's and add the price of the Rega you could almost buy the Meridian used.

IMO do not spend $500 on IC's but put the money into a better player.

I hope this is not too negative, the Rega does have nice tone but is a little warm and lifeless.
Yes 500 + trade in will get the job done. A better player is allways a good choice. Get a used pair of Coincident IC and you will be done.
I've used DH Labs, Harmonic Tech, Alpha Core and Analysis Plus interconnects with a Planet 2000. I agree that the DH Labs and Harmonic Tech interconnects are a poor match for the player. If you're looking for some upper frequency boost, the Analysis Plus Copper Oval interconnects are just the ticket. I think the Alpha Core Goertz copper interconnects were a better match overall. I'd never describe the Rega as lifeless though, but I agree with Philoet that using a $500 interconnect with a $600-$700 player doesn't make good sense.
I do not intend to spend $500. I intend to buy used and 1/2 meter. Just wanted to use $500 retail for 1 meter as a reference point. Thanks
I tried Kimber PBJ, Kimber Silver Streak, and Audio Quest Diamondback with my Planet 2000. What turned it into a really sweet sounding machine is the Cardas Cross. Can't say enough good things about that combo. While your at it, try a Cardas Twinlink powercord with the Rega.