Planar speaker question

I am new to planar speaker, I have few NEWBIE questions.
1. How come Magnepan price is so cheap compare with normal speaker?
2. Do they need special amp to power up? I saw Magnepan speaker have special input.
3. For 1.5k, what is the best choice?
I feel that Planar's and Maggies are not a ton of money because there are not expensive cabinet considerations, no special amp is needed as long as it has alot of juice 200w plus is ideal IMO.
Eminent Technology LFTVIIIA is a great speaker with a cone woofer and planar mid and tweeter and is right around $1500.
As usual you also need room from the back wall to get them to breath life into your room with best results.
I agree with Chadnliz about the LFT8As. If you're looking to experiment with planars a pair of used Eminent Technologies is a great place to start.
I'd look at the Maggiue line iof the Emminents are to big.One knock I have heard about all planar is you nee to be in sweet spot to get most out of them and for some reason all more so with Emminent.Try the Maggie 1.6 or if bigger room you can get true ribbon tweeter in 3.5 and not pay price of 3.6.But all of them can SUCK current.You really want a nice amp.I recenmtly took out my freinds two Deno 1500 stereo amps run with the Maggie crossover (two 150 wat amps laterally that is one amp to tweter panels and one amp to bass panels equsl 225 wpc or 150% or sinmgle amp) and replaced with Bryston 4BST (Bryston is very poular combo with Maggie that and good 100 wat tube amps like Cary or Acoustic Research).The difference betwen decent midfi ampos and true audiophile amp was AMAZING!!!The Maggie line maybe the best value in speakers when you look at dollar buit because they reproduce so well you need good electronics to proceed them.Amp should be able to run well at 4 ohms and remain stable to 2 ohms (or less) and offer as much current as you can muster as I said they suck current.At thier porice point they are not going to get as loud as many coil speakers or be as deep in the bass so if you later ad a fast sub which not need be expensive like the Vandersteen 2wQ at $750 used and $1200 new for down to 35hrz or an REL sub for deper bass,or maybe for money the Martin Logan subs all of which use multiple small drivers to get low.Using 3 or more drivers breaks up the large surface area of a traditional 15 or 18 inch sub into multiple drivers with smaller magnets and motors and with this speed they are fast enough to respond to the speed of Plannars and electrostatics like Qauds.But you can get tradityional subs from Revel or say the DD series from Velodyne,Arail,Audio Physic but expect to pay big bucks ($3K and above).Big driver subs are fine for hopme theatre but drove Maggie and Quad owners crazy beacuse they just couldn't keep up with these fast speakers adn again for HT it's "boom in the room" you want but with thes speakers you want speed and pitch accuracy.See if you can listenm to 3.5 used or new 1.6 and 3.6 at a Maggie shop and ask them if these points were on target.If thier honest they'll say yes but if they don't have this type of sub they'll tell you I don't know what I am talking about.But I sold Hifi for 6 years and my best freind had me upgrade his rig with a few differnt maggies over time.And rember good amp.Bryston used with it's transferable 20 years wareranty is a great choice since you can get a good price( previous ST way lower then new SST series) maeans you can save dough and still get 15 years on the amps warranty with something that deilers the current they crave and the qaulity they deserve.
i won a pair of 1.6s .

i am using vtl 120 monos. i don't find any losss in performance.

my room is 12 x 18 .

my point: a tube amp 75 watts or better should "drive" these speakers.
i agree with cadnliz and timrhu
Audiorichard, it's easy to be slain with infatuation for planars when you're first introduced to them since they are so novel and intriguing sounding. Sort of like a date with an exotic person (no, I did NOT say exotic dancer, so no jokes, please.)

I don't agree entirely with the assessment that the Maggies will take up less floor space. They can't be put directly in front of the wall to achieve decent sound, and they are a fair bit wider than the ET's. So, in the end, they would require every bit as much floor space as the ET's. If you're looking for a speaker to fit into a 12x10 or so room, you're pushing it with either one.

Both the Maggies and the ET's are built to accomodate sonics over looks - neither one dazzles the eye with scads of grill cloth material.

But, try to control your infatuation. There are floor standing dynamic speakers which would give the Maggie 1.6's and the Eminent Technology LFT-8A's a SERIOUS run for the money if you can obtain them used. (I owned both and preferred the Eminents over the 1.6's in side by side comparison).

In a very crass generalization, you need to decide if you prefer soundstage over imaging, because you'll get a slightly "larger" sound out of planars, but you'll lose the precision/pinpoint imaging that you can get with a serious dynamic (cone) speaker. Yes, in today's world you still have to choose between one or the other at this price point. Sorry, it's reality.

If you're stuck on trying them, having owned both and done extensive listening, I would unhesitatingly suggest the ET's over the maggies. The ET's were less harsh on the ears in the treble and overall more rich sounding. YMMV. Don't let the popularity of the Maggies lead you to a lesser sound.
Actually, I may plan to get a Magnepan MG1.6 or 3.6. But I am wondering who is the different between MG1.6 (current model I saw on the offical website) and 1.6QR, are they the same or 1.6QR is older model? does MG1.6 sounds better?
And any maggie pro's know which models were quasi ribon and which were tru ribon? I beleive tru ribon is better compare with quasi ribon...right?
My first audiophile system in 1991 was (as remarked by Chazzbo) Maggie 3.3s with Bryston 4NRB. A very good combination. I think the 3.6s could be your once & future speakers in the $5K new or used category, provided you can bring them out from the walls. You could grow into better SS or tube amps, but not many out there for the short money of the Bryston(and you do need at least 150wpc to drive these planars without strain).