Planar in a small room

I'm just starting a system and have been looking at different types of speakers. The room they will be going in is not that big. I'm not sure if planar type speaker would be right for a smaller room. The one I have been looking into are the Eminent Technology LFT-8. Any help or suggestions for speakers in a smaller room would be most helpful.

How small a room? I am still a fan of the Maggie 1.6's, but they do have a tall profile.
I guess it might be helpful if you could give the dimensions of this "small room".
If you like planars, why not try the smaller Inner Sound ESL. (
I have Quad ESL 63's in a medium-size room, and found I could "tame" the back wave effectively by mounting a DIY imitation of RPG's Omniffusor about 2' behind the speakers. I suspect Argent Room Lenses, of which I also have DIY clones, would do well there too, especially if you made them shorter and with more tubes, if necessary, to match the width and height of the speakers. With suitable room treatment, planars can work in a smallish room, but the back wave must be dealt with somehow, in my experience.
On my understanding, Mags need to stay away from walls(at least from back wall), like to be placed at least 6' from each other. So you'd better give them some room to breathe.
I had the ET LFT VIIIa's and they are a tremendous speaker for the price, I had them in a room 14'6" x 16'6" and a much smaller room and they worked great, you will need to supply sufficient power to them they love good solid state.