Planar 2/3 Upgrade motor Kit - need your reviews

This post is about the Planar 2/3 Upgrade Kit. I have a 1990 Planar 3 on hands and i'm looking what is the gain over the old 110v motor on the Planar 2/3.

The new motor kit fix directly on the plint like the P3/24 and seem to be a lot more quiet. Also it seem to have less rpm variation than the old one. Need to know two thing:

1- Is a Ac motor?
2- Is the new motor produce less induction emission than the old?
3- If anyone have this upgrade on a tt and if it worth the 175$?

Anoyone who have this kit on his Planar, I needs your reviews about this upgrade!

Thank you for your time you spend to answer me!