Placing footers under Joule LA150 MKii

I'm using a Joule LA150MKii in a second system and wondered what footers others have found satisfactory under the Joule preamp? Stock footers seem quite inadequate and I'm sure upgrades are in order. On the same subject, what power cord have you found works well with this pre? Personal experience is prefered.
I like the BDR #4 Pyramid Cones they clean up the sound without killing the 150's sound. I use a Purist Aqueous Anniversary PC this was how I felt:

" Put PAD Aqueous Anniversary PC on power supply for LAP-150 Mkll power supply. Initial reaction, improved quality of sound like rolling in NOS tubes, bigger dynamics, less congested more extended presentation of notes, highs and lows resulting in better defined instruments within a more 3D SS."
The Herbie footers - Isocups and Tenderfeet both did no harm. Cheap enough to experiment with both - he recommends the Isocups for tube eequipment, but Tenderfeet are just as good under tube equipment IMHO. I used JPC AC PCs to good effect with when I had my LA 150 Signature Edition.
I am having excellent results with Still Points ULTRA SS which I got thru Joule-Electra. Not cheap but....fantastic!
I'm interested in this since I have Pubul57's LA-150SE. I use rollerblocks but haven't tried anything else.