Placing Digital Sources under Turntable OK?

I asked this in my turntable thread but never got an answer so I'm hoping a thread will work.

I have to reorient my rack to accommodate my new turntable.  The turntable is on 2 1/2" thick maple block bae which is being held up from the shelf below it by 4 isolation pods.

There is room beneath the turntable base to place my digital sources as they are quite thin - it's a Benchmark DAC being fed by a small palm-sized Raspberry Pi computer. 

Is there anything wrong with placing the digital sources below the turntable base?  Is there any reason in terms of possible emissions from the DAC or computer that could be picked up by the turntable (cartridge or whatever)?


No problem and nothing to worry about! I have a similar setup like your's and notice NO adverse effects!
No worries none - especially with Benchmark DAC 2 or 3 as they have switched mode power supplies.

Benchmark DAC 1 uses an old linear style power supply so there could be a small risk of 60 Hz hum (from the transformer) if it got too close to the TT arm.

I actually use a DAC1 at the moment, but own a DAC2 that I'll be switching in.

So the small raspberry Pi computer, and a small external hard drive would also be ok under the turntable base?