Placing B&W 805S bookshelf speakers (stands? risers?)

I have what I think should be a very basic question about placing my B&W 805S speakers: I plan to place them on a console, but if they sit directly on the console, they will be about 4-5 inches too low (given the configuration of the room and seating). Are there speaker stands available that are that short? Or bases/risers? Alternatively, any suggestions for making something like that by hand (ideal materials, etc.)?

Appreciate any thoughts. Thanks.
You can get custom made maple blocks for your B&W's. 

Depending on your budget, check out Timbernation or Core Audio Designs.  
Sound Anchors should have solution for you.
Perfect, thanks very much for the suggestions.
Auralex "Speakerdudes or MoPads".I spent years living with bookshelf style speakers sitting on dressers & found them to be excellent at eliminating the interface between speaker & cab.& the up/down to +-8 degree tilt will aim the speakers perfectly.