Placette Audio – Great Customer Service

I realize that there have been other threads written about various companies that stand behind their products and offer very good customer service and rightly so. I wanted to personally thank Guy at Placette Audio who assisted me (late Thursday evening) when my used Placette purchased from a member of Audiogon arrived without the manual. Although the unit is simple enough for a person to figure out, the volume control did not appear to be working correctly since I couldn’t decrease the 100% volume on the tuner. I did not realize that was because of the special AV option that was built into the unit, and I had not tried the CD option.

To make a long story short Guy’s response was “I don’t care who you purchased the unit from, if it has the Placette name on the front, we want you to be happy and the preamp to work correctly.”

What more can one ask for? As it turned out the preamp works flawlessly and I now fully understand how to use it.

Any stories you want to share?

Best regards…
I have had similar experiences with Guy. He is a class act.
If only other companies would follow this kind of practice, instead of being arrogant, conceded pigs.
Guy stands behind his product 200%!
I went from a 2A3 amp to a 300B, and Steve at Herbie's Audio Lab told me to just send back his Hal-o's for the 2A3 and I could pay the small difference to get those for the 300B. This was after I'd been using the Hal-o's for six months.

Also, there is a seller on Audiogon called Hawthorne Stereo, in Seattle. On two occasions I purchased used equipment from them, and they gave me 100% credit when I upgraded...nearly two years later!
I had similar experiences from Rowland and from Resolution Audio who both helped me as a purchaser of their wares second hand. I have always had great service from Placette.
Yes Placette and Guy provides the best customer support you would ever encounter from a manufacturer. He is one of the few who has no reservations about helping you if you had bought his products used.
I have to agree with this post..I have delt with Guy, owned two of his pre-amps..and he is a class act!!!!
Guy is the best!!! I have the dual mono and have dealt with Guy on a number of occasions. He always goes out of the way. But good customer service would be meaningless if it wasn't also THE MOST TRANSPARENT PREAMP AVAILABLE!!!!