I have a McIntosh 2500 Amp, BAT 5SE CD, B & W 802 F's, and am looking to replace my old Audio Research LS-1 preamp. I am considering the Placette RVC, Placette Active and the BAT 51/52. Any thoughts or recommendations appreciated.
The RVC is a revealation in my budget system, everything that I read in the reviews is true. Neutral and transparent,extremely faithful to source and the other gear.Being passive, the soundfield is slightly recessed(which I prefer) and maybe a little lacking in weight.
I love mine and highly recommend it.
Nskaye, I would recommend you take a look at my review on the Bent Tap linestage that contains many details on the sonics of the Placette Active linestage.

The Placette Active linestage was my reference for over three years and replaced a ML-32 for $12000.00 less. I auditioned over seven other preamps, both tubed and solid state, that did not out perform the Placette, untill the Bent Audio Tap did recently for the reasons stated in my review.
Before you buy anything, you should contact North American Products about their H-Cat Holographic preamp. Go to and you can get a list of dealers. I previously owned a Placette passive preamp. Not bad for the money, but IMHO, the H-Cat is in a class of it's own. Please try to audition it, before you buy anything. I don't think you'll be sorry.
I replaced my CAT SL1 MKII with the Placette RVC after having bought it simply to provide me with remote volume control. At $1,000 with a 30-day trial you cannot go wrong -you can use your own ears in your own system without out having to rely on reviews and opinions other than your own. You need to speak with Guy to disucss your sources, amplifier and cables to make sure the passive approach works - if it does, you will be amazed how good a $1000 preamplfier can sound. Even better, is Placette's Active Linestage (which I now own); at $5000, it is not quite the deal of RVC, unless you consider that is competitive with any preampfier out there at any price. I won't argue it is the best - no such thing - but is certainly worth considering when looking for one of the better preamplfiers on the market. From a $$$ point of view, the RVC is no slouch and a no brainer.
The little Placette passive,as most have stated is more pre than one should expect. Sure there are better pre's but not at that price. Keep in mind a lot depends on the quality of the rest of your parts/ the output voltage of your transport/ the length of your ic's---Speaking of the quality of the rest of your parts,--- at auction today, we have an 8k power cord and a 4k aes/abu cable and sometimes it's hard to say just how much pre one needs; and how much money in cable is to much. I would guess this little passive will be quite a leap over what you have now.Check for one used and be able to turn it if you don't love it.
well, not to go against the tide here, but I was underwhelmed by the Placette Passive- and this was in a system with Wyetech Topaz Monoblocks. It was clean and clear, however for me anyway, lacked the harmonic texture and body I have heard in other preamps, in particular the Melody 1688, which in that same system was an eminently more musical preamplifying device.

The above being said, I do think Teajay is on to something, as I have found the TVC-based passives to exhibit more body than the resistor-based. I was particularily impressed with the Audiosector S&B TX 102-based Pre-T1 passive preamp- superb in every way, however, only missing what I term as the 'x' factor or that certain magic a great active tube preamp brings to the table.
I have just replaced my BAT-51SE with Placette RVC. The Placette sound MUCH more open and transparent, with VASTLY superior microdynamics. Make sure that it works in your system though, since any impedance mismatch will make it sound too thin (as some reported here).

If all goes well - it will be hard to find a better pre at ANY price.
One searches for "giant killers" in this hobby. Here you find the $1,000 RVC replacing a CAT SL1 (my system)and a BAT-51SE (Elberoth2)system. These are highly regarded, top of the line tube preamplifiers, and the RVC was at the very least competitive. If that is not a "giant killer" I don't know what is. And if you like the RVC, wait till you hear the Placette Active.