Places to buy SACDs

I have tried and they have very good prices but their titles seem to be limited to Sony/Columbia/Epic. Very little if any of anything else. I have gone to Acoustic Sounds and while they have many, many titles, their prices are full retail plus shipping. Do you have any suggestions of online sources that have a combination of good price and good selection for SACD needs?
There's another thread on this topic as well--look for it. Also, try Music Direct in Chicago. I think their e-address is They do offer a slight discount over Acoustic Sounds.
The other thread does not answer the specific questions I am asking. I have contacted and although they have the supply, their prices are only $1-$2 off per SACD. There has to be something better to choose from.
I hope someone can suggest a good source; Music Direct was the only one I've found with a good selection and discounts of any kind. Tower Records here in NYC had some, but no bargains and the selection was pretty much Sony/Columbia.