Placement of Vandersteen 1B 's

Any recommendations on room placement for a pair of Vandersteen 1B's?

Thanks very much in advance.

-- Rob
Well without knowing the size of the room. I would say they do very well placed far from all walls, back and side and spread nicely apart.
Vandersteen has a very detailed placement guide for their 1C speakers that replaced the 1Bs. It is definitely worth your time. Check it out:
Thanks for the reply and suggestions. One of my 1B's was in need of repair and just came back from it's "vacation" in CA. As my kids were young when I first bought these speakers, I never had the chance to place them optimally. I am excited to work with them more now. It's interesting to find so much + responses on the internet regarding the 1C, but relatively little about the 1B.

Thanks very much for the Vandy link! Just the kind of thing I was looking for.