placement of revel m22 speakers

12'11" x 13'10" x 8'ceiling. Have used the methodology in Jim Smith's Get Better Sound, but cannot find a placement that sounds good. The best I have done is near field with the chair against the long walll. Would like an opinion on a more conventional placement for these rear ported speakers. Have tried absortion material at corners, back wall, front wall, side wall. Previously had them in a very large room with catherdral cellings--the sound was beautiful only lacking a little base.
I have the M22's and use them in my system as rear channel speakers. But when I first bought the Revel Performas the F32's and C32 took about a month longer to arrive. So I used the M22's as front speakers to get aquainted with their sound as well as break them in. I found that they sounded best when coupled with a subwoofer. Although my room is larger than yours and that played a part, the M22 is only capable of 50hz and above. They really need a sub to add bass they can't produce.
4hal, going from a big room to a small one can be disappointing and frustrating for a while. We moved 2-1/2 years ago to a home with a small listening area-my room before that was giant and large scale music was large! That great equipment sounded like crap in my new room. Now I have an intimate club setting. Once I realized that my small room just wasn't going to sound like the big room things started to get a lot better. I switched to Usher BE-718's which are probably similar to your Revels, and added a pair of JL Audio F110 subs. Now the music sounds much better than before, but I still miss the "concert hall" sound on some music. Overall I'm actually much happier-the old room/system never sounded that great at low volume levels but now it sounds great all levels. More useful all around.

In the smaller room tiny adjustments in speaker positioning really can make a big difference. I used to scoff at reports of moving or toeing a speaker a quarter inch but in a small space you have to think in those terms. Bass is funny in a small room-the most bass in my system is in the kitchen but it sounds natural in the sweet spot. Get lots of placement advice from multiple sources and try them all until it starts to work. Don't give up-I've owned F30's & F32's and I'll bet when you get it right your M22's will be great.