Placement of Paradigm SA-35 inwall speakers

I am installing a pair of Paradigm SA-35 inwall speakers and I have to place them fairly high, approx. 8' up on the wall. The sales rep suggested I install them upside down to put the tweeters closer to ear-level. Has anyone ever tried this?
Haven't tried it, but it makes sense
How high is the ceiling? You may have boomy bass if you get the woofer too close to the ceiling. I'm guessing the speaker is symetrical, so you can try it both ways without changing the cutout size/shape. See which position sounds better to you.....

I am a Paradigm dealer. Yes I would turn them tweeter side down. If you have tall crown molding in the room ..which 6 inch trim molding would give you an offset angle of about 28 degrees and you are sitting back about 12 feet the bass should be fine. Tom