Placement of Components

I've read that the ideal placement of components is on a side wall (not between speakers).  I am wondering if this applies to turntable set-ups only or across the board to all components? I am guessing that having a turntable between the speakers will degrade the sound quality due to the vibrations that the turntable cartridge picks up from the speakers?  Would a streamer have the same issue if it was placed between the speakers?  

I am running a Musica Pristina A Cappella III > Denafrips Terminator + > Asthetix Calypso Eclipse Preamp that are are on a side wall on a basic Salamander Archetype rack and are connected using a 25 ft. XLR runs of the World's Greatest Cables ( about $100 on Amazon) to Audio Mirror Reflection 45 SET mono blocks into Cornwall IVs. There is also an Intel NUC running Roon in the next room.  I am wondering if the long run of my modest XLRs are limiting my sound quality and I would be better of placing my components between my speakers and buying higher quality XLRs.  25 ft. runs of high quality XLRs are prohibitively expensive but I could swing one or two meters of higher quality XLRs (i.e. Cardas, Kimber, etc.) if it makes sense to place my components between my speakers.

Or maybe it's just six of one; half a dozen of another?  Any thoughts from those of you that have experimented with both set-ups in a balanced system would be appreciated. 


Best advise is do some A/B comparisons to see what YOU like best.  Take some time and do it right.

@bgchz , it depends.

Amplifiers should be located as close to the speaker inputs as possible keeping the speaker wires as short as possible.

Turntables are best in the next room or as far away from the speakers as you can get it. You could make that argument for mechanical devices like disc drives and tape machines but everything else, particularly if it is all balanced makes no difference where you put it as long as it is safe from flying alcoholic beverages, children and the housekeeper.


I love the idea of the tt being closer so I don’t have to go up to the front to change or flip the record. I think you are still going to get vibration on the tt either way unless you address that with a wall mount or special isolation. 
the next issue is the cost of cables. I have always heard longer interconnects and shorter speaker cables except your phono cable beyond 2m. 
If you are going to do this then put your amp on an amp stand in between your speakers so you can keep the speaker wire short. Run balanced for noise canceling and the length but more about the noise. 
I agree about the Klipsch speakers in the upper line that you probably do not have to worry about that as much.
before you go to buy expensive cables and racks you should see if you can upgrade your base equipment first. It usually has a much bigger impact over the cables. I hope this helps. 

Rule from Vandersteen is shortest speaker wire as possible and all long runs will be component connections. I run mono blocks so each amp is right next to the speakers and long xlr from pre amp to each mono.