Placement of amps ?

I typically see amps placed behind speakers. Assuming power cords and speaker cables are long enough, is there any critical reason why the amp(s) can't be located a few feet in front of yet still remain between the speakers ? Thanks kindly.
I have mine placed behind my speakers because I run long interconnect under the floor, keeping things tidy. If the amps were placed between or in front of the speakers the wires would show and present danger due to exposure to foot traffic.

Other than that and wanting my speaker runs to remain as short as possible, the position is not all that critical, especially if good amp stands are used to help isolate the amps from the impact of peak music passages.
You can place your amp wherever you want, just be sure it's on a hard surface so it has good ventilation.
Wherever the amps are placed, it is most important to isolate them to a high degree. This is true of all components in your listening room. The room, set up, placement and component isolation are all critical components in getting the most from your system. This could be the difference between sounding like good hi fi vs a magical system.
A large amp on the floor in front of the speaker could affect imaging/soundstaging. Reflections from the floor in front of a speaker are the first reflections of sound waves that you hear. That's why it's good to have a carpet in front of speakers to absorb some of the reflected sound from that point.