Pittsburgh / Western PA / Eastern OH

I'm interested in joining or starting a club in the Western PA / Eastern OH area. I'm based in Pittsburgh.

Anyone else interested?
Pittsburgh -- I would be interested in starting a club. Neal Griebling
I'd join. Anything ever come about with this idea?
So far, just Kakuju and Ataudio. have responded. Maybe we can continue to build some momentum.
I don't really have a great system myself, anything nearly audiophile worthy since I'm a student and can't afford much, but I'd be interested in meeting other audiophiles in the Pittsburgh area.
I'm in. Any of you still around?
im in Lisbon Ohio anyone interested still, thanks Chad
Another interested Pitt student if this ever gets off the ground. Know of any shops in town where I could hear and 845 based amp?
Another interested party in PGH looking for fellow enthusiasts in order to establish an 'informal' audio club.
I am 45 min from Pitts in Ohio if anyone wants to drop a line.
I'm in Pittsburgh too. South Hills. Doesn't seem like there's enough people for a club, but it's worth a shot.
I'm in.
North Hills.
I'm no organizer, but if someone gets the urge, please drop me a line.
Ok! that makes you the 3rd person I got feedback from since I first posted.

So far we have total, you in the North Hills, 2 guys from the South Hills, one guy in Salem Ohio, and myself in Mt Washington.
Hoping to have an informal get-together around the end of Feburary at my place.
Drop me an email at: wkhanna@yahoo.com

Hi Bill,

Email sent.
Anybody near Pittsburgh that can help a lady pack a VPI turntable? Shes in Mars,PA
Oakdale, PA
I'm interested in joining a club. Have just re-started adding 180 and 200gram LPs to my collection. I also have things for sale on Audiogon.
Received an offer and talked to the person but haven't heard from him in a while.
It would be great to be able to talk to some people who actually like the same thing I do
where are you located Mo?
I'm located in South Fayette, about 10 miles south of Pittsburgh. Sitting along the Allegheny / Washington County Line.
Just off of I-79 at the Bridgeville exit and 5 minutes from there.

I see you are in Ohio. We are also 30 minutes from the West Virginia Panhandle. Spent many a Saturday's in East Liverpool Ohio with my son at wrestling tournaments. He now plays football for WVU....Sorry for the un-necessary info, but it has been a slow day.
I have just purchased 2 200 Gram LP's this week. Haven't bought those in a while Led Zepellin III with the original Pinwheel cover and The Rolling Stones Through the Past Darkly with the Octagon Die cut cover.
But the main thing is I love music
Hi MoFi!
I have meets a few times a year at my place in Mt Washington. Should be having another one soon. 8 to 14 usually, some folks bring equipment to check out. Very informal lots of fun.
Many of us hang out here: http://www.htguide.com/forum/

My email is: wkhanna@yahoo.com
Keep in touch.

we have a small "Ears and Beers" club with folks from Cleveland to Harrisburg, I am in Salem so thats only 45-60 minutes from you if interested email me..........we all do Vinyl to SACD.
I'm in Canonsburg, just down 79 from you mofi.
I didn't think there were any of us around here. Your 15 minutes away. I live right on the Allegheny County/ Washington Co Boarder in South Fayette.....I love Sarris's
Thank you for the invite. Much appreciated. However I don't know if I would have much to contribute. I am a fan of Mobile Fidelity OMR tape to disc. However I do own a few SACD:
Roger Waters "In The Flesh from Sony and four Mobile Fidelity SACD's Cowboy Junkies Whites Off Earth Now, Pixies: Doolittle and Surfer Rosa and Milt Jackson Sextet Invitation, plus one other Mobile Fidelity SACD that is on backorder PIXIES - BOSSANOVA. All of the MFSL SACD are limited Ed CD. I also have 30th Anniversary Cd Dark Side of the Moon that was also released as an SACD.
I have also recently purchased Pink Floyd Echos 4 180 Gram LP Box Set and The 30th Anniversary Edition of Dark Dide of the Moon 180 Gram Lp and collect select Japanese Mini LP's. If you would like to see my music collection feel free to vist my home page The Conroy's Web Site Ireland and WVU Football
You dont have to have anything to contribute, just a enjoyment of music and friendship...........bringing your own music to check out and a micro brew 6 pack is great also, if you like to have a beer. Its just music, laughs and food.....nothing more.
I've been visiting AGon all summer and even bought e few things. This is the first time I noticed the "Club" forums.
I'm north of Pittsburgh near Zelienople. You can catch my vitual system "Maggie's Farm". I have a few new pieces and the page will be updated shortly. This sounds like it could be a fun thing, an audiophile club.
Hi Keith,
I host an informal get-together at my place in Mt Washington every few months. email me wkhanna@yahoo.com so I can add you to my list.

BTW, I work in Ellwood City (commute from PGH) and had a natural aspro 944 for years. Man I miss that car!


call me if Salem Oh isnt too far, I installed new Neo panels on my VMPS FF3 SRE speakers, a Dyna 20L on my Vinyl rig and am inserting 2 Classe amps this week so its gonna be a fun upgrade. Between the system, the bar and Projector in my basement we could have some fun with music, concerts and such..................cheers
I had become resigned to the fact,that the west Pa.area had few, if any body, interested in listening to music reproduced the way it should be.I'm very much the tube type,but not the Audiophile type.I have a "listening" seat, most of the time i can't find it.It's covered with old interconnects, speaker wire,totaled turntables, I can't throw away.You get the picture.Right now,I'd like to hear from anybody building speaker cabinets, H.H. Scott amps, Heathkit everything,shamefully neglected Thorens TT, the list goes on.Really, anybody interested in listening to music the way it's supposed to be. East end, Regent Square area.In closing, if this sounds like a sales pitch also,it is.
Well, actually you might be in more luck than you think. Emory has rebuilt a couple of old tube amps, Bill is a recent vinyl convert and there have been a few guys at Bill's get-togethers who build their own speakers, including one fellow who's building a line aray of some sort. Usually a wide assortment of gear, parts and vinyl.
Hi Jim!
Shoot me your email address and I will add to my list.
Next time we have a meet at my place I will let you know.


Check out the Capital Audiofest 2011 updates. Hope to see you there. www.capitalaudiofest.com
Its a shame that this has not gotten much of a response. I see one of the last entries was in 2008. If anyone is interested in a club or at least talking about equiptment we should try to get something started
Well, actually, a group of us are meeting up at my house in a couple of weeks. If you're interested send me a private message and I can get you the details. I'm in Canonsburg, btw.

give Tom at http://vintagehifipgh.com/ a call or better yet drop by. They have 'meetings' every other Saterday with lots of great audio junkies and great equipment. It's not uncomman for spontainious 'meets' to break out at any time. It's a great bunch of guys there.
Sorry.....bad link

Try this:

Hi Greg, i am very interested in your audio group if you would like to e-mail me your info on the meeting or we could exchange phone numbers. Thanks very much
I've tried to contact you several times recently,but no luck, hope you get this. Count me very interested in any activities, especially listening.I have recently had built for me,a pair of speakers that I, of course, think are the best ever made.I would very much like to have some good ears listen, and give me some real objective feed back. Call me anytime 412 482 0841 Jim Thanks
it looks like this thread is pretty dead.... but I'd be interested in participating. send me an email jadbtu@aol.com
it looks like this thread is pretty dead.... but I'd be interested in participating. send me an email jadbtu@aol.com
Control jitters for better sound...
Surprisingly simple and inexpensive ways to improve sound by reducing vibration...

Having the second annual Vinyl Night at the house 3/2/13

Send me an email at JADbtu@aol.com if interested and I'll send details.


I am interested

Hey are you the Dale I know from the PCA ?
I am thinking about potentially upgrading my amp to a Rogue ?

Russ DeJulio
Mt Lebanon
Audio system budget high end Revel F 12 floor standing speakers Cambridge Integrated Amp Azur 640A NAD 525BEE CD player Vintage AR turntable acquired in 1973 in college for a case of beer !
Is anyone still meeting or did this ever get started? I would be interested in starting/joining/leading a group meet. If anyone on this chain is still interested, please respond to me. I am in Sewickley.