Pittsburgh, PA Audio Club

My last posting yielded 357 views and no responses. Clearly I did not identify a compelling value prop.

So here..

You live in Pittsburgh (or surrounding area) and you want to find others who share in your hobby. You know, the others who won’t laugh at you or feel your forehead when you state your intentions on buying a $200 wall outlet. You are growing tired of emailing with reps at the big online audiophile retailers to see if a piece of equipment will be the holy grail upgrade you are seeking.

Maybe you are only into the music, maybe you are only into the equipment or just maybe you are into both.

Wouldn’t it be great to meet up periodically with others at a local audio equipment shop to share in the hobby as well as to demo various configurations of equipment? This might be a possibility as i’ve had some preliminary discussions with someone who can make this happen. I look forward to your response should you want to help make this happen as well.



I'd be interested....keep at it.
 At this rate we may have 3 by next May! haha...send me a DM and we can chat offline.
I just ran across this posting this evening. I'd be interested. Did anything ever come to fruition?

George Roland
Add my name to the list of interested folks in Pittsburgh.
I'm in Upper St. Clair- definitely interested!

Funny note - I purchased 1 owner Revel Studio 2s last summer from David Michael Audio near Detroit - when I checked the original boxes they were shipped to the original owner in Mt Lebanon!  that would have saved a long drive - but that's at least one more local person who is into this!
I'm in East Liberty!   Just got an Edwards Audio Apprentice TT1 mk2 and Turntable Lab: Rolls VP 29.TTL preamp.  Excited to start pawing through the stacks at Jerry's in Squirrel Hill.
Looks like we have some responses...as it would just be a few of us, I may look to have a listening session at my place in Sewickley. I’ll be back in touch. Thanks all.
Pittsburgh has perhaps the most under rated symphonic orch. in the world .
I had the pleasure of hearing the PSO play "Rhapsody in Blue" conducted by the late Marvin Hamlisch in 2012 for "The Gershwin Experience".  They are among the best!