Pitch Perfect Audio


Has anyone done online business with Matt from Pitch Perfect Audio in San Francisco?

Matt is totally honest and a super nice guy I used to work with him.

My only issue with Matt is the almost religious devotion to Shindo, personally the idea of buying a product with 40-50 year old -parts and no remote seems kind of silly to me when there are modern tube brands which sound quite similar such as new CJ and Manley Labs products to give you a couple.

Matt is passionate and a totally good guy.
Great guy. Knows his stuff. Very pleasant and responsive. Highly recommended.
Yes, Matt's a stand-up guy and businessman. I'll buy my Shindo gear from him in the future.
I bought a preamp from him. Great service and great product. He has been helpful with replacement tubes, on another occasion. I would buy from him anytime.

These purchases were from Texas.
Matt is as good as they come. I was all set to buy a previously owned pair of Quad 57's that he had taken as a trade in when he called to let me know a buzz had developed while he was running the speakers before packing them in anticipation of my pick up. I appreciated his integrity and while I ended up not buying the Quads, I anticipate buying a Shindo preamp from him in the near future.
Closdesducs, in the speaker forum you mentioned you attended an audition at Perfect Pitch Audio. I am curious as to your impressions on the Vosne Romanee versus the Giscours pre amps?
Jhardy, sorry for the delayed response; I don't have PC access on the weekends. It's a difficult question to answer as we were listening to cuts from different LPs that were often times, my first exposure to the music. And when speakers, turntables and preamps were swapped in, we did not revisit earlier cuts. To be sure, I would be sorely tempted to give up a non-critical body part for either the VR or the Giscours.

I suppose that's why, in my present system, I've hung on to various Audio Research preamps instead of selling and moving up the ARC line so as to be able to do A/B comparisons over extended periods of time.

What I did come away with on both Shindo preamps and the various amps and speakers they were paired with was the great musicality and synergy of these systems. Matt's system configurations that he had set up over the two Greenhaus evenings, allowed me to sit back in my chair and just enjoy the music. What I felt less of was the compulsion to break down the system and determine the influences and contributions of its individual components.

Perhaps my best analogy would be that when you're enjoying a great bottle of wine (what rings my bell is a well-aged red or white Burgundy from one of their premier or grand cru vineyards), your first thought isn't to break down and analyse its color, bouquet, structure, or taste, but to let the wine slowly reveal itself whilst enjoying and reveling in the emotions that the wine provokes in you.