Pitch control for Pioneer PL-630 turntable

I am trying to restore a nice Pioneer PL-630 turntable and have got everything in line with exception of a pitch control switch. This pot was common to this model and the model PL-610. Question is: if I have not luck locating original part and still want this feature to work, can this feature be disconnected at original pot and wired to some other part of the table where space would allow for a replacement (back for instance?) or is this thinking just silly? Lastly, anyone out there got a parts bucket that might have this control? Thanks!
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Dear Whyland: I owned that TT that now is in my brother's system, a good one.

I own other TTs with pitch control and you know what: I never used and I think I never do it.

Anyway, I don't see a trouble for you can restore with a replacement but this is only an opinion that's not supported/foundation on precise knowledge about on that PL-630.

Regards and enjoy the music,