Pipedream Knockoff Project

I am considering building a Pipedream knockoff, and wondered if any Audiogoners were also involved with the same sort of line array project. I am most interested in any "lessons learned", which will help expedite this ambitious project towards an ultimate sonic success, without the typical project pitfalls.
E, try checking out the Madisound speaker forum. There were quite a few guys building some "el cheapo" line arrays using some very inexpensive drivers from MCM. I'm sure that they would be willing to share what they know about the subject. Sean
Sean is right,....Madisound is state-of-the-art for both drivers and crossover components. Good people too.
FYI- Pipedreams now has a new speaker starting at under 10K
that performs at a level quite close to the more expensive versions. 6 feet tall using same technology and basic design.Beautiful new high gloss finish on wood.
you should look into finding info on a speaker made a number of years ago by Kindel.It was called the PLS-a. It was reviewed in the Ablosute Sound around 86 or 87. I had a pair and they were great! 16 1" dome tweeters and 6 6 1/2" poly woofers. very fast, very efficient, and very very dynamic. Great sound stage like electrostats. they were sort of a bang for the buck thing selling for about 2K a pair at the time. they didn't use real expensive drivers but man did they sing. I imagine that a speaker using current high quality drivers and InfiniCaps and great hook up wire would take you along way if you get the cabinet and crossover right. I do think this sort of thing can come out as a very low impedence load if you arn't careful.Best to have a stable amp.