Pioneer VSX37 as Preamp

Have a general question which may be obvious in answer but not to me as I have not tried this before. What I am thinking of doing is using my Pioneer A/V Receiver as a Preamp to say an Adcom 555 MKII for the front channel. I would be doing so mostly to improve the sound when playing music. The question I have is has anyone done this sort of thing with any of the Pioneer Elite series A/V receivers and if so do the Treble, Bass, Volume, Loudness countour etc controls remain operative even though you are using the pre-outs for the front channel?

Since it seems you have the parts already;give it a shot. The bass/treble and loudness are preamp controls,---Yes, thy will still be useable. Most all of the newer receivers have the option of using a different amp---for any and all channels.--Usually one removes the 'straps'for 'that' channel and then rcas from there to the outboard amp.