Pioneer VSX-901S?

I inherited a Pioneer VSX-901S in good condition (with working remote and everything). Is it any good? Or is it just junk? I know it isn't high end, but I'm wondering if anyone cares to share an opinion of its sound.

It lacks HDMI input and modern features. Assuming I can work around that, how is the sound quality?

An amplifier of that age should certainly be serviced (recapped in particular). Beyond that, sound quality should be pretty much OK (Pioneer is not junk). Apart from the lack of modern tricks, this receiver will share the weaknesses of all AV receivers: 1 there is a lot of noisy AV stuff inside that may degrade the sound a bit and 2 this many channels in such a small case means that there never was that much room for a generous power supply. The fewer of those channnels that you use, the less this will be a problem. So I would not want to push this system to its limits in a large room. It's not high end, but certainly not junk either.
Thank you. I appreciate that feedback.