Pioneer VSX-21 won't turn on?

My power last night when out in the middle of a bad storm last night and now my receiver won't turn on. It is hooked up to a good power cleaner/strip and my other 5 item(TV, DircTV, PS3, Denon DVD player, Xbox) are all fine. I have unplugged everything and plugged it all back in to no avail....any thoughts?
Let it sit unplugged for a few hours and then try it.
Did you check the fuse?

Before you plug it back in try holding down the power button for a while (30 seconds). This helps to drain some components of residual energy. good luck
Probably the fuse.Looking at the instruction manual,I don't see a fuse accessible from the outside so assuming you will have to remove the cover to locate it.If you can access it,remove it and replace with the exact same value fuse.