pioneer vs panasonic

I have a chance to buy either pioneer dv-09 or panasonic h1000d at the same price. has anyone compared the two and opinion?
I have the dv-09. Amoung the many+s- 2 coax outs / one to the 2 channel dac / one to the HT processor.Also; allows you to change from DD-Dts etc on the fly(no need to stop the disc ad go back into the menu) Most important of all(when resale time comes) never heard of the other player/that sould be reason enough right there.
Mig- I've compared the two. Both are very good units, but I preferred the H1000 on progressive outputs to the DV-09. Both are built, though the Pioneer is tough to beat on looks. Regrettably, my H1000 has failed due to bad motor/drive. Just haven't had time to repair it yet. I'm using the Pioneer DV-37 right now, and it is quite good, but do miss the H1000. Big difference between the two is the warranty. Panasonic warranty on this model sucks. Considering it is the top of their line, it only has a 90 day warranty, if I'm not mistaken. Anyway, don't know if this hurts or helps. Good luck.
The Pioneer DV-09 is not a progressive scan player. I recommend one of their newer players, DV-37. Can't say about the panasonic, never auditioned one.
I have owned both of these units and you must weigh the pros and cons for your self. Solely on video, the panasonic is unquestionably better as it should be. It is a 3rd or 4th generation dvd player as opposed to a dv-09 first generation. Also, the Panny has newer technology, as in progressive scan, furthering it's video dominance. However, as an interlaced player, the DV-09 still rules so, if you have no current or future need for progressive scan, go with the DV-09. As an audio player or transport, I favor the Pioneer. More solidly built, very reliable transport motor, outputs 24/96 and has a fully isolated copper chassis. As a side note, I had the DV-09 and sold it for the 37. All of the advantages of the DV-09, half the price, newer technology, progresssive scan and faster access to chapters and menus. Oh, I happen to have one for sale on Audiogon :)