pioneer vs marantz

i have had my pioneer elite vsx 99 for about three years now. i bought this piece used for about 400 bucks. now as i understand this unit retailed back in 95 or around then for about 1500 bucks. i really like this unit but i just purchased at a estate sale a marantz sr7200 for 150.00 bucks. now this unit is alot newer from 2001 i think and it has all the surround options as well as an actual dvd button instead of the old bypassed LazerDisk button i used to use. i bought the marantz to throw on ebay to make alittle money but im thinking i should keep it and sell the pioneer. the pioneer is by far built alot sturdier but the marantz has a really cool remote and can do up to 6.1 surround. any opionions on what i should do. keep the pioneer or keep the marantz?
I would keep the Marantz, there great for home theatre and also sound very good when playing 2 channel for just music...Hook up some good interconnects and a good CD source and away you go...
Good Luck,
thanks for your input. i am awaiting a new pioneer dvd/sacd player i have on order. right now im without any digital input but i will give it the listening test and let you know what i think as soon as i get the dvd/sacd player.
take care
ok its been about two or three weeks here and i have been listening to the marantz hooked to a pioneer dvd/sacd player i just got. its the cheapy one but still has gotten great reviews. but i have that hooked via mogami interconnects for the analog and some off the shelf cable for the digital, all this going into a 5 piece set of jbl sat 20's and jbl bassman sub. sounds really good. im going to give it another week then change everything back to the pioneer i have and will make up my mind then.