Pioneer TX 9500 tuner/ Comments?

I am looking at buying a Pioneer TX 9500 for some casual listening. It's in very good shape and I can get it for $80. Does anyone know if this is a decent tuner? The only tuner I have as a reference was the one I had in a McIntosh 4100 receiver I used to own. If the Pioneer is comparable I would be satisfied. Thanks.
At $80 in very good shape this is a no brainer. I used a 9500II for many years, it and the 9500 are great bang for the buck. Buy it!
Jimmy, i've had a TX-9500 for as long as i can remember. It is a very sensitive tuner and if properly aligned, capable of pulling in stations that other tuners just dream about. I've been able to hear stations with very reasonable stereo seperation that were not audible on other tuners in mono. However, the sonics are somewhat "tin can" sounding to me i.e. 1970's "transistor sounding".

While i'm sure that a lot of the "signature SS sound" can be cured via upgrading of parts with slight value changes, you might not notice or mind this. Whether or not this is a problem will depend on the quality of FM broadcasts in your area. For $80 though, i would not hesitate to jump on it. So long as you can feed it a decent signal via a reasonable antenna, it should give you hours upon hours upon hours of listening enjoyment.

If you want to see how this tuner stacks up against quite a few other tuners, check out the website below. If some of the comments about the 9500 on that site look similar to what i stated here, it could be that i contributed some of them : ) Sean
They typically go for around $100 on eBay. Has a 5 gang tuning capacitor, which is very good. A typical middle of the road vintage tuner has 3 gangs. It should be very sensitive for weak signals. Has 4 filters, so should be very selective also.
Thanks for the feedback folks. I'm going to go ahead and get it. It's only $80 and the shop is giving me a 90 day
warranty on it. It sounds like it will serve my purposes.
I live in San Francisco and it's mainly just a few Bay Area stations I'd like to be able to listen to now and then.