Pioneer SX-850 Transformer Secondary Output Voltage

What should the AC voltage read coming out of the transformer on each green wire ( pin 28 27 ) orange wire ( pin 25 26 ) red wire ( pin 16 19 ) I'm reading 20.6 volts on each green wire, 48.4 volts on each orange wire and 33.1 volts on each red wire. Hope someone here is familiar with the pioneer SX-850 receiver. Many thanks in advance...
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Although 20.6V on each green wire and 48.4V on each orange wire seems a little high according to the schematics of service manual, I think it's OK since those windings connect to voltage regulator circuitry after rectifier.
The 33.1V on each red wire after bridge rectifier seems spot-on (33.1Vx1.414=46.8V minus diode voltage drop). 

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