Pioneer SX-1280 Receiver Running On End..?

Is there any detriment to placing a SX-1280 receiver on end (rotated 90 degrees) inside a well ventilated cabinet? It is too wide to place in the normal horizonal position, but not sure if any harm will come by running it on end?

Any advice would be appreciated...
Depends. On HEAT. No company is gonna say it is OK to do it, because the thing is designed to run flat. Sidways, the heat goes to different places. It may, or may not matter. If it was only a preamp, it might be OK. Being a receiver, with the power amp in it, those transistors are NOT gonna be happy. If they are unhappy ENOUGH to commit suicide AND try to burn your house down is the question.
Risky idea for a receiver.
IF you have a fan blowing DIRECTLY into it, then "I" would give it a try. NO fan blowing INTO it, all bets off...
IF it is a class "D" amp design, and you do not play really loud music, maybe. but probably not.
If it is cheap, and you do not care if it self destructs.. go for it. Keep a fire extinguisher for electrical fires next to it!
My advice is sell it BEFORE it burns your house down being sideways and in the middle of a late night movie love fest you have to call the fire dept.
Buy something that fits. Or find a different plan.
In general I would consider sideways ONLY IF the case has NO vents in the body of the chassis. Usually those create very little heat, and I might take a chance. A receiver is NOT safe to run sideways. WAY to much electronics packed in a tight space and designed a certain way.
Thank you for the detailed response Elizabeth... This is exactly the kind of technical feedback I am looking for..!

I agree with Elizabeth. The heatsinks are on the sides and need to have plenty of ventilation. This is a nice old receiver and would sell for enough to purchase something that is newer and smaller(probably not better)that might fit and maybe even run cooler.
Thank you Rwwear; I appreciate the great advice..!

Not to mention,all the music will flow to the end that's pointing down!!!!:)
Never, Never blow fans into gear unless you know where it is coming OUT. You can actually trap heat if there is nowhere for the air to go.

Using fans as 'pull thru' is better, in general. Set it on top of the vents on top of the receiver.

A confuser style 4" box fan is nice.....I had one of the back of my Carver Cube and when in use, the amp never even got warm. And that was running near red-line for hours into 5 ohm Magnepan MG-1s.