Pioneer SX-1050 speaker problems


total noob here. I recently purchased a pioneer sx-1050. I have an Audio Technica AT-LP120 and DALI Zensor 3 speakers. The receiver is in great condition and sounds fantastic. However, at higher volumes (especially if I have the bass positive) the cones on the speakers vibrate crazily. 

I have tried reconnecting the speakers. I have also tried an external pre-amp but if I turn up the bass even a little (I like heavy bass) then at higher volume the speakers have a fit. I presume I am doing something stupid. Any ideas?
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You'll need to figure out whether you are over driving your woofers excursion limits or if you are sending your amp into clipping or a combination of both.
It would most likely be beneficial to switch to a speaker that has more bass output than your current to suite your taste.
Sounds like you’re over driving the speakers and I suspect you’ll completely destroy those (small) speakers if you had your amplifier at the clipping level. 120 wpc is way over the limits of these speakers if driven at high spl levels.
thanks for the responses. I think the speakers will have to find a new more suitable home and I will be looking for  something more robust.

Do you have another source, other than the TT? If so, do you have the same woofer behavior using the alternate input source? If it's only with the TT, maybe you are getting mechanical feedback back into the cartridge due to poor isolation from the heavy bass.

If you are having the same issue with all sources, you have a couple of possibilities.

First, perhaps you are really over-driving the speakers. Your speaker specifications show a frequency response of 50hz - 26,500hz. They don't appear to be a speaker designed to produce a lot of bass. If you turn down the bass boost does the problem go away? Maybe you need a different speaker that is more appropriate for your musical tastes.

Next, you could be sending your amp into clipping trying to get the loud bass you desire.

Either of these 2 possibilities are not good for your speakers. You will likely damage the speakers if you keep doing this.

Another possibility is that your SX-1050 is broken and is sending a bad signal to the speakers. You could test this by inserting a different amp into the system.


Sorry, I was typing my response and didn't realize you had already replied.

If you are going to look at different speakers, you should definitely look for speakers that were designed with high bass output as a goal. This will probably require much larger cabinets and drivers. You might also want to consider some vintage speakers that were popular at the time the SX-1050 was on the market.

That said, I'm using vintage Infinity RS 1.5 speakers in my system, but using modern electronics. The Infinity RS 1.5, RS 2.5 and some others used the fantastic Watkins woofer which has dual 4 ohm and 2 ohm voice coils. They produce very solid, and loud, bass. My medium sized RS 1.5s play down to 28hz and can do bass very loud in my medium sized room.
Try using the low cut filter and see if that helps!
Good choice of receiver!
Please check your turntable for proper VTA/VTF and azimuth. Chances you may be getting rumble that you need to tame. Use 30Hz filter button on and Tone off.
For heavy bass you should purchase a subwoofer. There are plenty of them on the budget that will satisfy your bass urge.
Perfect advice from czarivey. It is not unusual to have woofer pumping from poorly isolated and /or improperly setup turntables.

I have a SX-1050 in my vintage setup. Engaging the 30 hz filter should address the issue unless you have a wicked feedback loop going. Loudness off. Then try the 80hz filter. If that does not solve it, then better vibration isolation and/or a different location for your turntable is indicated.

I find that my matching Pioneer SG-9500 EQ (~$100) does a much better job of providing that vintage driving bass sound than the SX-1050’s tone controls and will allow you to more precisely adjust around your woofer pumping issue.

Pioneer HPM-100s are a great match for the SX-1050 and are awesome in the bass. As Reuben recommends, the Infinity speakers that use the Watkins Dual-Drive woofer are a great choice too but the impedance is a harder load for the receiver to drive. I have both the HMP-100s and the original Watkins WS-1a speakers with the Watkins Dual-Drive woofers and both sound great with lots of bass from the SX-1050, but I prefer the HPM-100s for rock and blues.

A few options that I can think of...
If your a bass head and like to crank...
Cerwin Vega,  if you want a bit more refinement
Klipsch and if you want to stay in big boy territory
Legacy...... or add a subwoofer and cross your Dali's so that they see 100hz and above and let the sub do the bass duties.
I hope this helps, Tim
I had the same fluttering/pumping woofers in my system and no amount of placing the turntable, different platforms and shelving helped.  I ended up buying a KAB rumble filter and the problem has vanished.  I can not hear any negative effects.
Invaluable advice here. I have been looking at Pioneer Hpm-100s as a solution and this now confirms what I need to do. Stellar community here! 
Wow, this is incredible ...I m still using my SX-780, the HPM-40 speakers (sometimes switch to my JBL L40s bought in 1977) and my Dual 1257 turntable that I bought all brand new back, I think 1976, in my upstairs study. Two entire side walls are covered with LPs literally from floor to the ceiling. Those SX Pioneers are definitely keepers.