Pioneer SX 1050 Recommended Speakers

I am shopping for speakers to match up to a Pioneer SX 1050, I listen to rock & roll, blues, jazz and alternative. I prefer to go the vintage route however I am open to newer models. Floor space is an issue so I need a reasonably sized pair. Any suggestions?
Question, I am considering DIY speakers, I am an experienced woodworker with and making speaker cabinets is no problem. Any suggestions on DIY kits where I can make the cabinet but the kit provides all the hardware, preferably a tower.
Dmgrundy, Selah Audio may work for you.
Also Dayton audio has easy kits for first time builders (link on the bottom) If you are really up to it, you can build from scratch and save money!

There are instructions for proac response for example - google for them. You can build quality ones for a fraction of the msrp, and since you are an expert, you can make them look to your liking...

It's fun, but an involving project. If you get your feet wet and build one, you will save a lot of money in the long run no doubt...If I had your skill, I would attempt it in a second.

Here is a DIY kit that is ideal for the type of music that you listen to... Super sensitive.... a Solid 4 ohm load, I don't think the 1050 will have an issue with that... everything but cabinet is included.