Pioneer Stable Platter Repair

I just purchased a used Pioneer PD-S95 transport. It arrived D.O.A.from Fedex Ground. The tray is not opening. Instead a noise is emitting as if the gears are jumping on top of each other. Can anybody recommend a quick fix? Or can anyone recommend a qualified Pioneer service technician in Los Angeles. Thanks!
You should start off by contacting the seller if you haven't already done so. Save ALL of the packaging for future reference in terms of a damage claim.

As to finding someone to repair it, i would highly suggest contacting Pioneer to find an authorized repair facility. You may be able to find this info out via their website. They won't use K-Mart parts nor send it out if it is anything less than what the factory expected. Sean
Good luck, dealing with Pioneer. They regularly change their telephone numbers, put you through the inconvience of a rather lenghty menu prompt process, can be quite discourteous, only to farm you out to an "authourized" mom and pop shop, who will bitterly complain that Pioneer charges them in advance for parts that are not returnable/refundable (guess who is going to pay for unnecessary parts due to misdiagnosis?)and always seem to be on back order. Pioneer has offered some good products at good prices, but untill they start treating their customers better, I can't recommend them.
Here is an independent shop that does repairs on Pioneer stable platter transports used in anyone's nameplate product

Dando Electronics in Kansas City, MO (816)361-6733
I decided to take the cover off and have a look inside. Problem discovered. A tooth had broken off a plastic gear where it synchromeshed with another gear that was responsible for the tray opening and closing. Obviously,it had been dropped during shipping. It might be a simple fix, I hope. At least, it was properly insured. Thanks all for your help