Pioneer sc 07 owners? , just got one .Disapointed

Hello , my name is peter and i am new to this forum.
I just got the pioneer sc 07 1 week ago .
i am going to be honest .
Maybe i did not setup the amp right but i am a bit disapointed with its audio performance .
First , my home theater :
Mains :Energy rc 30 towers .
Center:b&w lcr62
Surround : Energy c 100
Subwoofer : energy esw 10 .
My last surround amp was Marantz sr 7500.
I upgraded for the new codecs and also because i got the pio for $800 new.

I feel that the sound from the amp during movies is to bright , to agressive ,some times i feel that it hearts my ears .
Also the chanel separation is not the best .
In 2 ch pure direct the music is some how "dry" , the bass is not well difined .
The center chanel after macc was set at -3db but was outragesly bright and agresive .
I feel that the amp is not warm at all .

The reson i am posting this thread is because i am wondering if maybe i did not set it well and i would like some advise from someone that maybe went thru the same thing.
Maybe i have to turn some options off or ...............
Please advise as i am at least disaponted with my new purchase .
Some people told me that this my be because this is the first time pioneer uses class d amps and they did not know how to use them very well.
Please do not get mad because my "review" as i am sure there are a lot of owners more then happy with there sc 07 unit.
Thanks for the help.
I have a SC-05 and feel it's audio & processing performance is quite impressive for it's price! Have you run the MAACC setup with the included mic for calibration? It is a only $1500+ unit so you cannot expect world class perfomance! The Bang & Olufsen ICE amps are quite proven over the years in various other manufacturers amps and are very powerful if you consider size & the reduced heat output they have. Good luck.
Powering my matched 7.1 set of Triangle Comete es's the SC-07 had a distinct improvement over my previous receiver an Integra 5.3. The most obvious were its ability to play louder with the absence of fatigue and a much more palpable midrange. All this prior to running room correction which the Integra lacked. Powering my very reveling Avalon Eidolons showed me the receivers limits mostly in staging width and depth and none of the brightnes you've described.

Switching amplifiers do have a slightly unique presentation that isn't for everyone. I would guess that the SC-07 may be showing you the shortcomings of the speakers your using. Other than hearing your speakers in large consumer electronics stores powered by an array of receivers all wired into a switching console it's difficult to offer a reasonable assessment of their quality. Even so I'd suggest a speaker upgrade before giving up on the SC-07.
Thank you Rossman ,i was thinking to go for the energy's top of the line bookshelfs the veritas 2.2i, the totem arro or the b&w cm 1, as this speakers are in my $1000 per pair that i willing to spend.
Any advice on that?
Anything that you would recomend ?
I ment Vicdamone,but also many thanks to rossman for replayng to my thread.
I picked up my last set of Comete es's for $800, I believe they are now discontinued. Go to the Triangle website, get a list of dealers and start looking, there should still be some available at a discontinued price. The beauty of these Comets is that they're sensitivity is high making them an easy load for a receiver. I also like there presentation.

Considering the description of the sound your currently getting from the Energy's the Totem's would be worth an audition. I'm not a fan of the lesser B&W's, regardless, they're another possibility.

Currently there are many fine monitor size speakers right here on the Gon. A pair of Thiel SCS3 $875, Revel M20's $847, lots of Focal and ProAc speakers. Maybe some other's here have some more suggestions to help you.
Lose the receiver Peter. Heard the very same one at a dealer's driving $5000 JM Labs and had the same bright piercing agressive sound you describe which I'd directly attribute to their ICE-Y modules.

Should sell quick on A'gon.
I have the sc05 which is a virtual twin to the 07 and I love it. I looked high and wide and demo'd a lot of receievers before deciding to buy the new Pioneer. Like everything else in this hobby - it's all about component matching. Like others here, I'm thinking it just doesn't match up well with your speakers.