Pioneer S-1EX Loudspeaker

As a fan of TAD loudspeakers – but not in the proper tax-bracket – I am curious about Andrew Jones’ design for the Pioneer brand – the Pioneer S-1EX floor stander (which is essentially a baby TAD with the Pioneer logo). Does anyone have any experience with this speaker see here
Have all 5 speakers of Ex series. The S-1 is very good. My listening interest is strictly classical & opera. The S-1 comes into play with SACD's & the Living Stereo & Mercury 3 channel reissues. Worth every penny.
I have the s3ex and it is awesome. Instruments are very realistic. It blows away my psb synch1 and dynaudio c1 sig. Anyone who know a dealer who still has a stock of the s3ex? I have a friend who wants to buy one.
I had the very best from KEF for a few years. I came to recognize a severe distortion and ringing, and sad to say I here it in every concentric topology including these otherwise wonderful speakers. Without fail, every time I listen to this topology it is there. For example, every one is praising the LS50 stand mount. I thought that this could be the one to break free of that distortion/ ringing. But I only had to listen to it for `1 minute to hear it loud and clear.
All I hear is music.
Reviving an old threat. I have all five channels, the 1’s, 2’s and 7 center. It’s funny that I bought these before I got into two-channel audio. 
Since then I’ve spent a bunch of time and money building other two-channel systems and now I realize that my HT setup with these -EX series TAD drivers likely blow away everything else I have! Since this was a home theater setup I never paid much attention to amplification and speaker cables, etc. Does anyone have any good advice about how I should set up this EX system for two-channel listening in addition to surround duties?