Pioneer S-1EX and S-2EX Owners

I am looking at these speakers as a potential purchase and was wondering what amplifier you used. My preference would be a integrated but looking for comments on your experience. Are you happy with your purchase or are you looking for a better speaker?

I listen mostly to jazz, vocals, old R&B, very little rock or classical and no rap.

Any comments or recommendations welcome.
I wish I can have valuable inputs but isn't it just so sad that a range that showed so much promise was so short-lived? I think it was only in production for less than a couple of yrs.
Good like selling them used if you hate them.

I do think TAD makes on of the better speaker...
I have found over the years that even when I get a good deal on used items, that are a well recognized brand, I usually sell them for a lost.

It appears most of the people who buy items on Audiogon from sellers that the seller is usually taking a lost. It comes with the territory and it is part of the game.

IMO, I believe the reason why a very good speaker like these Pioneer are suffered from the Pioneer name itself. If they were an entry level TAD people would have bought them and continue to purchase them. They would sell if the name was not Pioneer.

Unfortunately we audiophiles buy based upon reviews and resale value. On one post I read someone preferred the Pioneer S-1EX over a Joseph monitor but purchased the latter simply because of resale value.

Here is what I won't do I will not buy a product simply based upon resale value but based upon what I hear. I have already done that too many times. Hopefully I matured enough not worry about such things.

Only speaker I would consider is the Tad CR-1 or Tad Ref-1.

I used a very clean 40ish watts. I use tubes.

Did you get the Pioneer speakers.? I have the S2Ex or double Sex speakers and I love them.
I have the Pioneer S3ex and they sound great. Not going to sell them.......ever.