Pioneer RT-909

I recently purchased a Pioneer RT-909,i had it recapped,new belt,motors rebuilt,etc,my question is does anyone know how to adjust the table,i adjusted the screws on both the supply and take up,but the supply reel winds the tape unevenly,i purchased the rebuild on Ebay,i just don't want to ship it out to Illinois from California again.
Sounds more like the Capstan is offset or eccentric.
I had exactly same issue on an rt701.
My rebuilt rt707 does not have that issue.
You could also make an offset " wedge" washer or shim to fit behind the reel to straighten it up during rotation.
This I did for the 701 and it worked well enough for me
Thanls,i will have someone look at it.
Thanks i will have someone look at it.
The reel tables, on the RT-909 are adjustable. There is an Allen head set screw on the rear of the table that secures the table mount to the spindle. There might be more than one, I don't remember. If you loosen the set screws, you can move the tables in or out for the correct tape path.
It could be that but I read it as winding out of centric. So possibly a slightly bent spindle.
But as op post is a little vague I guess it could be either or.
It seems like a bent spindle would have more of a wobble. It could be the motor mount might be bent or skewed in some fashion. I would also look at the tape guide & tension rod to see if they line up. 
Take it to Mike at Deltronics. He set up my B-77 and my RT-1050 perfectly.  My 909 is next.