Pioneer PL-71 cartridge upgrade question

I have a PL-71 that within the past year was serviced and recapped. From what I understand, this was one of Pioneer's better TTs that was manufactured in the mid 1970s. I'm the second owner, and purchased it in 1985. She's gorgeous, therefore I admit there is an emotional attachment.

Currently I have a Shure MX97E phono cartridge on it, and I am looking to upgrade to a significantly better MM cartridge. I have my eye on a Otrofon 2M Black. I have "heard" that the Bronze is a good fit with the PL-71, but I am not sure if the Black would be "overkill" for the capabilities of this 1970s TT. Any thoughts??

In case anyone wonders, I'm not looking to replace my TT, but just want to get one of the better MM cartridges available that will bring out the very best in it! Thanks in advance.
Audio Technica AT150MLX.
IMO I would go for the 2M Blue for $225. Maybe best bang for the buck in the whole line
I agree with Tbrogard, a 2M Blue would be about right for this arm.
If you listen to classical music a Nagoka MP-150 would be killer.