Pioneer PL-630 Turntable??

Anyone with any experience with this vintage table? How does it compare with the Denon DP-45F/47F or the JVC QL-Y7 or the Marantz 6300. Thanks for responses.
Dear Wepratt: I owned and really like it after too many years my " venerable " 630 is still spinning on my brother system. IMHO is a better TT than the Denon/Marantz.

Regards and enjoy the music.
05-23-08: Rauliruegas
IMHO is a better TT than the Denon/Marantz.
That's saying something--that Marantz 6300 was pretty danged good.

I had a Hitachi DD from that era that was a real sleeper. I've had a hard time even finding pics of it online. It imaged like a bandit, especially with a Grado Z1+. I was surprised that--as good as the Technics SL12x0 series is from that era, I think this Hitachi spread a better soundstage. That's also how I remember the Marantz.
Dear Johnnyb53: The 630 has very good DD design, it is very well isolated and the tonearm is really good. The Marantz is a fine item too ( I owned ) but I prefer this Pioneer.

Regards and enjoy the music.

I have a Pioneer PL630 with an upgraded Audio Quest 404B (essentially a Hana Umami Red) Moving Coil cartridge. I still have the OEM phono cable and am considering replacing it with a higher end cable /ground to reduce RF interference and to lower capacitance, and provide the best possible signal to my Rega Aria preamp. Has anyone done this with their turntable and does it provide a noticeable sonic improvement?