Pioneer PDS-06 VS Pioneer DV737

Does anyone know what could be the difference in sound comparing the 2 players with CD music as transports ?
I assume you meant the Pioneer DV-37 DVD/CD player. While I have not heard the PDS-06, I own the DV-37 and use it as a CD transport. I have been very pleased with it as a transport. The drawer mechanism is very solid, and the unit has audio and video power supplies which are separately housed in the chassis. All around, a very solidly built unit. As a DVD player, it is also very good to excellent video and audio quality. I bought my DV-37 for $650 new, and think it is a relative bargain at that price.
Thanks, I assume in USA the DV37 model is the same with the European DV737.If you had done any tests with different DACS I would like to know the results.I use mine with the YAMAHA-A1's internal DAC ( using the coaxial ).Very clean and detailed but a bit of digital..