Pioneer PDR-W739 CD recorder repairs/parts?

hello are changer transport mechanisms available for the Pioneer PDR-W739 CD recorder/player? Purchased one on Flea bay surprise surprise the changer won't recognize any discs. The recorder transport seems functional will see shortly feeding my Wadia 861 statement into the Pioneer via analog outputs you think this would surpass coping from the changer transport sonically anyway? Thanks
I'm not sure if this applies.----I bought a Philips dvd recorder--nib,from CC.--- made about 10 coasters. I finally sent it back to Philips. It was the pick up assembly---Kinda sounds like what is wrong with yours ---Once it came back it works well. My repair was free.Yours may cost more than a new one--they have come down in price; and the newer ones work better. Rots of Ruck.
Hi Mejames,

I hate to be the bearer of mad news but as good as the PDR-W739 was as a recorder I think it will be near impossible to get the cd changer transport repairded. Contact Pioneer to see what they say.

It might be easier/less expensive to get another cd recorder. My friend has the PDR-W839 (the replacement for the W739, which I tried to find and buy but couldn't because they stopped making it in late 2002) and we used it as a reference to test run other cd recorders. I ended up with the TDK DA5900 and it has been great. Can't tell burned cdRs from the Pioneer. I just checked to see if it was still available and it is. J&R is selling it new for $129.99, half of what I paid about 11 months ago. I emailed by friend and he is going to pick one up just in case his W839 should stop working. He has been having some issues with it not wanting to finalize every 8th or so cdR.

I hope you luck out and can get it repaired for a reasonable price but if not, check out the TDK.

All the best,